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White Dog



on tap in bozeman and boise


With a passion for delicious, balanced, and easy-drinking beer, brothers Joe & Troy Moore began a home brewing operation in their garage. Unlike many others who start their own home brewing operations, Joe and Troy were emboldened by the creations they made and decided to start their own brewery in Bozeman, Montana.

From home-brew to store-front, White Dog Brewing Company has been a labor of love for the brothers, and crafting design for them has been our own labor of love.


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Real Models, real stories



The birth of a partnership


As is the case with many Whiskey Ginger ventures, the White Dog/Whiskey Ginger partnership began over a beer. Loni met Joe and Troy during their garage brewing days, and when Loni tasted their Amber Ale, she knew the brothers were on to something. Since Joe and Troy were familiar with Loni's work from seeing her designs around town, they knew she was a perfect fit to lead the brewery's design plans. 

As staunch outdoor enthusiasts, Joe and Troy wanted their beer labels to echo their passion for the outdoors and create an aesthetic that would complement their great-tasting beer. The pinup illustration style was chosen to reflect this passion. The illustrations depict (mostly) women enjoying the outdoors with a dog by their side. The designs have been immensely popular, and have served as White Dog's unmistakable brand calling card. With new beers on the horizon, the White Dog/Whiskey Ginger partnership is flourishing, and we are extremely excited about what the future may bring!

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