The Whiskey Ginger



Stories and musings by Brett Gramse


Loni Carr: The Whiskey Ginger

Loni 2.jpg

Loni sits quietly, focusing intently on the tedious alterations that make her illustrations so unique. Designers of weaker constitution would surely have thrown their hands up in blissful defeat should they have been faced with the monumental tasks at hand, but Loni presses on. This unflinching determination to produce the best possible work is what makes Loni’s designs so unique and desirable. She takes no shortcuts. She doesn’t seek shelter in the digital refuge that technology can often provide. She is an analog recording in a world packed full of lossy digital re-creations. It’s inescapably refreshing that a graphic designer such as she, beset on all sides with technological shortcuts, shows such resolve to avoid the fads and temporary fascinations that come relentlessly bounding in with each new day. Her work is steadfast; uncompromising, yet uncommonly appealing. A rare amalgam of style that pays homage to the luminaries before her, yet maintains an elegance that is distinctly her own. She’s a virtuoso that can play with the best of them. A poet. An artist; burdened by the same cursed artistic dispositions that run through the veins of those not soon to be forgotten by time. She is inexorably bound to the same thread; living and dying by the art at hand.