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The Whiskey Gent

stories and musings


The Experience

The way we see it, The Whiskey Ginger is the product of some strange amalgamation of events beyond anyone’s control. It didn’t happen overnight- it was shaped by the characters we’ve encountered and the quirks we’ve reluctantly inherited over time. But just like drops of rain finding their way to a creek, Whiskey Ginger contributors found their way to Bozeman, Montana. From there, it was sheer luck, divine intervention, or lunar anomaly that bred the design collective that stands before you today.

Born on the rugged coast of Maine, Brett Gramse moved to Bozeman in 2011. Since joining the Whiskey Ginger in the summer of 2017, The Whiskey Gent has been involved in all facets of the enterprise. His expertise includes: copywriting, web design, product development, strategy, production design, and client relations. He has traveled across the country and back again, met countless intriguing characters, shared numerous cocktails and stories, and written about his adventures.

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a Creative Pursuit

I am eternally grateful to have found a place at The Whiskey Ginger. I have always wanted to find a pursuit that could placate my desire for creativity and also pay the bills, but my search for such an endeavor had proven futile prior to linking up with Loni. As it often can, the 9-5 grind of a corporate job had taken its toll, and I was nearing an end of some kind. As luck would have it, I was welcomed into the folds of The Whiskey Ginger, and I haven't looked back. I guess in some sense, both Loni and myself were creative beings adrift in the same current, and favorable winds were bound to compel our coalition eventually. Whatever the case, my time with The Whiskey Ginger has been a godsend.

Only since I began working at The Whiskey Ginger did I realize the true possibility of plotting ones own course. It's been said many times before that fortune favors the bold, but knowing an adage and actually making it a maxim of your own are two very different things. At The Whiskey Ginger, we know it's about struggling to find out what you offer to the world and throwing your head against the wall until you find it. It's about having a strength of conviction and not suffering fools. It's about not being an asshole. It's about the spirit of design, and the small successes that create momentum. The Whiskey Ginger is about the spirited people that make the stories. Time is of the essence, yet the essence remains timeless.


The Whiskey Ginger spirit of adventure

The spirit of adventure is alive and well in America- it’s been inherited from the early pioneers who braved great peril to settle new lands, it’s taken root in the modern American psyche, and it manifests itself in those who take to the road. Such a vast and intriguing country begs for exploration; we all must do our best to heed its call. And just as no man walks through the same river twice, each American expedition is likely to yield different and unexpected results. We gather inspiration from the characters we meet on the road who’ve carved out their niche in the world. We generate ideas on the sunset back roads that lead us toward a gray twilight, and we bask in the undeniable feeling of freedom the open road can bring. 

Last fall, Brett and Loni took off for five weeks across the U.S. to visit clients and friends, and gather inspiration. After nearly 8,000 miles, we had amassed a lifetime of stories and memories. Check out our route in the map below!

Brett Gramse