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Blackpot Whiskey


Blackpot Whiskey

Authentic Montana Whiskey

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The partnership

Blackpot is teaming up with The Whiskey Ginger to design bottles for its upcoming release. Owen Lang, the owner and operator of Blackpot, wants the design to reflect a simple philosophy: great whiskey with zero bullshit. Having tried some of Blackpot's early whiskey batches, Whiskey Ginger members can attest to the quality of Blackpot liquors.

The opportunity to build the Blackpot brand from scratch has had our creative wheels spinning since the partnership began. Working closely with Owen from the outset, we have gone through several branding ideas and design styles in an attempt to achieve a truly unique and compelling overall design. This case study is still in the works, and we are excited to announce Blackpot's official release in the coming months!

Brett Gramse